Why People in Liverpool Hate the Sun Newspaper
Why People in Liverpool Hate the Sun Newspaper

Why People in Liverpool Hate the Sun Newspaper

Liverpool FC is one of the most known football clubs around the world. The club is famous for its great success and other unique things. One of the unique things is the issue with The Sun newspaper. Most people in Liverpool and more so Liverpool fans cannot stand The Sun newspaper.

What is The Sun

The Sun, they say, is a newspaper that will print anything that is salacious or controversial enough to get readers’ attention. They are also conservatives, which is against Liverpool’s strong Labour roots. The Sun newspaper has been accused of promoting hate on marginalized groups. Without even Liverpool’s particular context, The Sun has given people some reasons to hate them.

The Hillsborough Disaster

The disaster occurred on 15th April 1989. It was an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. A fatal crash that left 766 injured and 96 dead happened during the match. That is still the worst stadium-related disaster to date in British sports history.

Following the tragedy at the stadium, the police attributed the blame to Liverpool fans in attendance. They accused them of being drunken hooligans. The Sun published a piece on the tragedy titled “The Truth” on the front page.

They also accused Liverpool of causing the tragedy due to their on-pitch actions. The newspaper stated that they got the published information from the Police Inspector, unnamed police officers and the Conservative MP.

The Sun’s coverage of the disaster led a majority of the people in Liverpool to boycott the newspaper. It is boycotted by both Liverpool and Everton fans. The sun journalists were banned from entering both Anfield and Goodison Park for press coverage.

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