Why Fashion Editors Are Embracing Activewear Sets
Why Fashion Editors Are Embracing Activewear Sets

Why Fashion Editors Are Embracing Activewear Sets

Working for a well-established global newspaper is a much sought after career, and editorial staff need to be at the top of their game. Newspapers cover a lot of different categories, such as sports and politics. However, one field that is often neglected, is that of fashion. The staff need to come up with compelling content to ensure their piece is featured in the next edition. Thus, fashion editors need to be aware of trends and report on them before anyone else.

Activewear Brands Making a Splash

One such trend that has come to the fore, is that of activewear, which is no longer relegated to the gym. The activewear sets from aim’n illustrate this perfectly, with their huge range of colours and styles that don’t look out of place, even in the newspaper office.

In fact, it can cement the fashion editor’s understanding of new trends if they are seen to be wearing the latest styles before anybody else. By sourcing their activewear sets at aim’n, they are assured of envious looks, as everybody else rushes to catch up!

Activewear also has the advantage of being extremely comfortable, which is a necessity for the editors who often work in cramped conditions in the newspaper office. And with moisture-wicking material incorporated in many designs, fashion writers can stay cool and calm in even the most fractious staff meeting! The life of a fashion editor on a global newspaper is not always easy, but the rewards are worth it!

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