The World’s Oldest Newspapers
The World’s Oldest Newspapers

The World’s Oldest Newspapers

The world is quickly going digital, leading to questions about the survival of newspapers. Some say they will die; others think they will die. Well, to look at how far newspapers have come, here are some of the world’s oldest newspapers.

Swedish Publication Post

Och Inrikes Tidningar was formed in 1645. The newspaper is now an online publication. This newspaper helped improve current news by paving the way.

Relation Aller Furnemmen Und Gedenckwurdigen Historien

The German newspaper was first published by Johann Carolus in Strasbourg, in 1605. The World Association of Newspapers recognizes it as the first newspaper ever published globally.

Courante Uyt Italien, Duytslandt and C

This was the first Dutch newspaper, first published in June 1916. It is believed to have been the first broadsheet newspaper. That makes it the first publication to use today’s newspaper format. It was published until 1672 when it changed to the De Telegraaf. The newspaper is still active in the Netherlands.

La Gazette

It was first published in May 1631. It was the French written weekly magazine and newspaper. La Gazette was biased in its output. For instance, the newspaper did not publish anything on French Revolution but kept voicing the Legitimists’ opinions. An increase in publications led to its demise in 1915.

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